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Sinzo Aanza

Photography - Sculpture - Installation

Sinzo Aanza is a young Congolese author whose practice is gradually turning towards the field of contemporary art. His poetical and irreverent way of writing questions the political situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as the image that has been constructed of this country that has always been the property of investors and preferably foreign ones”. His visual and literary work is fuelled by such themes as the exploitation of the country’s natural resources, the representations of national identity and their excesses and the construction of an image of the Congo since the colonial period.

In his first novel, Généalogie d’une banalité (2015) Aanza addresses the Congo’s wealth of mineral resources by means of a story that is both lucid and absurd. In 2017, Sinzo Aanza was in residence at the Wiels art centre in Brussels, where he began work on an installation, Projet d’attentat contre l’image which was exhibited at the Biennale de Lyon 2017.

Selected Artworks
Installation, mixed media. Work commissioned by the Museum Rietberg Zürich for the exhibition Congo as Fiction © exhibition views: Museum Rietberg Zürich, photo: Rainer Wolfsberger
Installation comprised of 269 photographs and a sculpture made of stones.
Installation comprised of differents objects, books and sound.
Photograph – 80 x 137 cm
Photograph – 80 x 137 cm
Photograph – 80 x 137 cm
Tokwe throne, leopard skin and wooden bat
Kuba mask and rifle
Songe fetish and tire
Past Exhibitions
May 17 – July 28, 2018