“Between Dig and Display”

Alia Farid

“Between Dig and Display”

Personal exhibition of Alia Farid

From May 22 to Septembre 18, 2017

Opening May 22 at 6 PM, in the presence of the artist

Surgi des sables, a museum that almost was and was never Alia Farid was born from a telescoping, that of a Puerto Rican mother and a Kuwaiti father. Since then, his life has stretched between the continents, between worlds as far apart as the Gulf deserts and the surf of the Atlantic Ocean. A bard of diplomas (art school in Puerto Rico, studies of visual art at MIT, museology in Barcelona …), in collaboration with the artist Jesus << Bubu >> Negron, a series of carpets whose motives, the mosques of Puerto Rico, help to shake the landmarks. The Spanish colonization and the European expansion are adorned with Arabism while playing the prayer rugs. Telescoping always.

More than the religious building, it is the very idea of ​​the building that is at the heart of Alia Farid‘s work. Faithful to her parents both builders, she loves architecture. Alia Farid has signed many installations, public spaces and public videos like a modern dervish dancing on a circular concrete platform built in Tripoli (Lebanon) by Oscar Niemeyer. In 2004, in charge of the Kuwait Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennial, she exhibited what would become for her a territory and an obsession: parts of the National Museum of Kuwait built in the early 1960s by Frenchman Michel Ecochard and which will be bombed and looted during the invasion of the country by Iraqi troops in 1991. Expected to be protected and restored by UNESCO, this building has undergone so many rogue transformations that it has lost all hope of recovering its shape one day. original.

The erection of this museum meant for Kuwait the arrival of modernity, “says Alia Farid. Is it today? Perhaps to find out, Alia Farid has embarked on a (re) creation process. Seizing this heritage abandoned, it disturbs his imagination and shows what was never. By creating artefacts, objects whose archival photographs kept in the basement of the museum ensure existence, she overshadows an interrupted dream.

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