Established by Imane Farès in Paris in 2010, the Gallery Imane Farès is dedicated to the promotion of contemporary artists of the Middle East and Africa. An exceptional space of expression in the French capital for artists come moreover.

The Gallery Imane Farès gathers numerous artists native of Africa and the Middle East. These contemporary artists propose photos, physical and sound installations, embroidery, sculptures and realize new performances. The gallery is situated right in the heart of Paris and welcomes every lovers of contemporary art.

Gallery Imane Farès

Visit the gallery and discover the Middle East and Africa through artists as Basma Alsharif, Sammy Baloji, Ali Cherri, Alia Farid, Mohssin Harraki, Emeka Ogboh, Younes Rahmoun, James Webb, Sinzo aanza, Billie Zangewa…

Every two years, the gallery proposes a new version of a collective exhibition, which is the opportunity to present little known artists. In search of dynamism and of originality, the gallery presents artists to the multidisciplinary and committed practices.

The gallery Imane Farès mixes in its programming of the artists coming from the African continent and from the Middle East. Established in 2010, the Gallery Imane Farès spreads between several worlds with the ambition to strengthen footbridges with the world of the international art. The Parisian context of its platform and its travels(movements) for fairs participle of these exchanges. Three exhibitions a year are the opportunity of new artistic works.


La Galerie Imane Farès propose l’expositions d’œuvres originales d’artistes Africains et du Moyen Orient: Pertinences citoyennes – Sinzo Aanza, Hijra – Younès Rahmoun, Dénaturé – Ali Cherri, Between Dig and Display – Alia Farid, Matière Grise – Mohssin Harraki, Hope is a good swimmer – James Webb, 802. That is where, as you heard, the elephant danced the malinga. The place where they now grow flowers – Sammy Baloji, Miroir-Effacement – Demian Flores Cortés, Ayrson Heraclito, Eddy Kamuanga Ilunga, Manzil – Younès Rahmoun, Deserts – Basma Alsharif, Ali Cherri, Bricoler l’Incurable. Détails. Une Nuit sur Terre – Mohamed El baz, Nous – Ninar Esber, James Webb, Illusion – Halim Al Karim, Doppelgänging – Basma Alsharif, On things that move – Ali Cherri, Absence- presence, twice – Mohssin Harraki, Joseph Kosuth, No Limit 2 – Sammy Baloji, Mohamed El baz, James Webb, On Love and Other Landscape – Basma Alsharif, Yazan Khalili, Darra – Younès Rahmoun, No Limit – Ninar Esber, Younès Rahmoun, Gérard Quénum, Bad Bad Images – Ali Cherri.

Peter Kim

Sea of Humanity

November 29th 2018 - February 16th 2019

Emeka Ogboh

No Condition is Permanent

September, 13 - November, 24 2018

Sinzo Aanza

"Pertinences Citoyennes"

May, 27 - July, 282018

Younès Rahmoun


March, 1 - May, 12 2018

Ali Cherri


October, 12 2017 - February, 16 2018

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