“Nous نحن”

“Nous نحن”

Esber / Webb

“Nous نحن”

Ninar Esber / James Webb

From January 15 to March 14 2015

Opening January 15 at 6 pm, in presence of the artists

This exhibition by Ninar Esber and James Webb introduces different forms of disobedience that tend to thwart the systems of societal domination. The defiance these two artists address towards the underlying censorship within the moral and technological codes of our era of emergence proposes symbolic mutation as a possible means to resist these systems. Ninar Esber and James Webb both refer to an enlightened as well as fleeting vision of our behaviours, borrowing the theatrical form of the Ishtar Gate in one case, and diverting our mobile phones without our knowledge in the other. This proposition questions the transformation of the relations in which we exist, and therefore the question of resistance so aptly developed by Foucault : “how is it possible to produce positive mutations in the global biopolitics of bodies and subjects? This question immediately implies major self-critical work, on the conditions of one’s own thinking process, on one’s relation to others, on the conditions and consequences of our own existence”.


Cécile Bourne Farell, September 18 2014

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