Basma Alsharif


Personal exhibition of Basma Alsharif

From April 4 until July 30, 2014

Opening April 3 at 6 pm, in the presence of the artist

In Basma Alsharif installations, History and Space are represented through their multilayered, multi-linear, dimension. Images are given to see through others images, frames collapse into other frames, the space is familiar and anonymous, urban civilization and wild life dissolve into each other and past, present and future compose one timeline. What appears familiar and recognizable quickly unravels and asks our help to make sense of it.

A fundamental component of the Palestinian anti-colonial struggle was and in some regards still is the struggle for a Palestinian image. A search for an image emancipated from its Orientalist representations and projections. Basma Alsharif is confronted both with a Neo-Orientalist social projection and with a self-Orientalist projection. This is why the emergency lays no more in the struggle for the recognition of a Palestinian image but rather in the urgent interrogation of these social and political projections – in the urgent exploration of the nature of the image and of representation itself.

Basma Alsharif announces what can be designated as a post-Palestinian generation.

Her works are an invitation that aspires to Palestine’s liberation in order for her to be liberated from Palestine. This vision encompasses geographies that extend far beyond Palestine and allow for the Palestinian perspective to define how we look at Athens, the Olympics, black and white projection, or any environment that we step into which is not our own, those that do not necessarily belong to us.

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