Ali cherri


Personal Exhibition of Ali Cherri

From October 12 to February 16, 2018

Opening October 12 at 5.30 PM in the presence of the artist

On the occasion of his third solo exhibition at the gallery Imane Farès, Ali Cherri revisits the historical dichotomy between nature and culture, thus extending the reflections on the object that punctuate his practice since 2015.

In denatured, Ali Cherri builds a deliberately open space, where the human mingles with the animal, the living close to the inanimate and the natural touches the scientist. It is for the artist to return to the various dualisms that have staked our thought since Descartes has divided man between body and soul. A whole series of oppositions is then refuted in this exhibition, where the object, altered, escapes any categorization. The taxonomy, a scientific practice that has instituted these many divisions, is seen here in the process of artistic creation: collage, grafting and hybridization are all loopholes to a narrow reading of our world. These multiple ways are an opportunity for the artist to bring together two different lives. The installation Where do birds go to hide II exemplifies this union of dissimilar: a tree trunk encrusted with animal bones is lying on the ground, thus opening the prospect to a giant textile impression, spread on the wall. Made up of multiple collages, this canvas revisits the imagery of the 19th century herbarium. The work thus deploys a composite universe that links the plant to the animal, but also the organic to the technique. Eminently poetic, where do birds go to hide II offers a complex reality instead of simplistic dualism. Hybridization acquires a more critical range with the set of vases, containers and other artifacts arranged on the opposite wall. On each element comes a different material, texture or object. The artist refers here to the various techniques used to preserve the museum object. Revisiting the mechanisms of archaeology and conservation, he questions their objectivity and scientificity.

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