“Bricoler L’incurable. Détails. Une Nuit sur Terre”

Mohamed El baz

“Bricoler L’incurable. Détails. Une Nuit sur Terre”

Exposition personnelle de Mohamed El baz

From April 2 to June 6 2015

Preview April 2 at 6 pm, in presence of the artist

Born in Ksiba, Morocco in 1967, Mohamed El baz is an artist whose approach unfolds as a form of word play with reality. The artist draws his inspiration from the contours of our existence, borrowing references from nature and culture alike, to offer a new reading of our world. Rather like an archaeologist of present times, he analyses the slippages and hybridisations of our perpetually changing world.

Mohamed El baz questions the notions of borders and territories, belonging and difference, as they create barriers between individuals. More broadly he challenges and interrogates our relations with others, with the world, the role of art and that of the artist. He positions himself as an intermediary and a mediator to propose diverse possible readings.

Since the beginning of the 1990s, Mohamed El baz develops a major project under the generic banner: “To Tinker The Incurable”. This title is taken from one of his favourite authors, the Romanian writer and philosopher Emil Cioran, who in his book All Gall Is Divided famously states, “to be modern is to tinker with the incurable”. Like a condensed version of Mohamed El baz’s artistic practice, this ambitious project develops like a scenario which constantly evolves and in which the artworks and exhibitions function like chapters.

The project to date is composed of sound and video installations, but also images and objects, always  unravelled differently and adapted to the space. It is a device that consists in thinking conceptually through images, by relying on their visual confrontation, from one configuration to another, one exhibition to another.

Ami Barak, 2015

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