Our Gallery

Imane Farès chose to bring together artists from the Middle East and from the African continent so that her program has a direct reference to her own background and experience. Founded in 2010, the Imane Farès gallery is active at the junction of various worlds, with the ambition to reinforce connections with the international art world. The European context of her platform and movements to international art fairs allow these articulations. Five exhibitions per year create opportunities for new productions.

Every two years, Imane proposes a collective exhibition to introduce emerging artists. In a quest for originality and dynamism in art, the gallery presents artists with multidisciplinary and engaged practices.

Each exhibition at the gallery is accompanied by the publication of a newspaper, for which renowned art critics and curators are invited to write on the presented artists. They have included Simon Njami, Roxana Azimi, Cécile Bourne-Farrell, Julie Crenn, N’Goné Fall, Caroline Hancock, Bernard Marcadé, Brigitte Ollier, Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez, Rasha Salti, Eyal Sivan, Ala Younis, Akram Zaatari.

Our artists

Imane Farès supports Sinzo Aanza, Basma Alsharif, Sammy Baloji, Ali Cherri, Alia Farid, Mohssin Harraki, Emeka Ogboh, Younès Rahmoun, Billie Zangewa and James Webb.


Hijra – Younès Rahmoun
Dénaturé – Ali Cherri
Between Dig and Display – Alia Farid
Matière Grise – Mohssin Harraki
Hope is a good swimmer – James Webb
802. That is where, as you heard, the elephant danced the malinga. The place where they now grow flowers – Sammy Baloji
Miroir-Effacement -Demian Flores Cortés, Ayrson Heraclito, Eddy Kamuanga Ilunga
Manzil – Younès Rahmoun
Deserts – Basma Alsharif, Ali Cherri
Bricoler l’Incurable. Détails. Une Nuit sur Terre – Mohamed El baz
Nous نحن,  – Ninar Esber, James Webb
Illusion – Halim Al Karim
Doppelgänging – Basma Alsharif
On things that move – Ali Cherri
Absence- presence, twice – Mohssin Harraki, Joseph Kosuth
No Limit 2 – Sammy Baloji, Mohamed El baz, James Webb
On Love and Other Landscape – Basma Alsharif, Yazan Khalili
Darra – Younès Rahmoun
No Limit – Ninar Esber, Younès Rahmoun, Gérard Quénum
Bad Bad Images – Ali Cherri



Biennale de Dakar : Mohssin Harraki, Emeka Ogboh, Younès Rahmoun, James Webb


Tamawuj – artist : James Webb – Curator: Christine Tohmé, Sharjah Biennial, Sharjah, UAE

Whitney Biennial – artist : Basma Alsharif – Curators: Christopher Y. Lew and Mia Locks, New York, USA

Documenta 14 – artist : Sammy Baloji – Curator: Adam Szymczyk, Athens, Greece and Kassel, Germany

Viva Arte Viva – artist : Younès Rahmoun – Curator: Christine Macel, Venice Biennial, Venice, Italy


All the world’s futures – artist : Sammy Baloji – Curator: Okwui Enwezor, Venice Biennial, Venice, Italy

Personnes et les autres – artist : Sammy Baloji – Curator: Katerina Gregos, Belgian Pavilion, Venice Biennial, Venice, Italy

La vie morderne – artist : Sammy Baloji – Curators: Thierry Raspail and Ralph Rugoff – Lyon Biennial, France


Hunting and Collecting – Sammy Baloji Suturing the City, Living Together in Congo’s Urban Worlds – Filip de Boeck & Sammy Baloji

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